Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Marking Criteria for Your Music Video.

1. Holding  a steady shot where appropriate:
As our song was slow, we decided that nearly all of our shots would not be too quick with the camera movements so most of our shots were still, apart from the zooming in and out of the book and the first pan at the beginning of the song.  We used a Dolly and tri-pod for this

2. Framing a shot - Including and Excluding elements:
I think we did this very well as through every shot the audience know who the main focus is 

3. Using a variety of shot distances:
 Eventhough our song was slow, we didn't want to keep on the same shot throughout the song. For example, where Mercedes is singing against the blue curtain, we filmed her from a close up, high angle, mid shot and a long shot, so when it came to editing we had a lot of shots to play with.

4. Shooting material appropriate to the task:
Again as our song is slow, there was nothing explicit throughout the video as it wouldn't fit into our genre

5. Selecting Mis-en-scene:
I believe that the locations of our music video were chosen very well, especially since our intial plan was pretty much thrown out of the window.  The costume was pretty simple. When mercedes was against the blue curtain she was just wearing black, the only bold colour that was used was a red military jacket, in the outside scene.

6. Editing so meaning is apparent:
In our editing we have tried to, especially at the beginning change to different shots and clips on the beat of the song. We noticed that professional music videos have at least 120 different shots edited in, so we kept this in mind and tried to have at least 30 different clips for every minute

7.Using varied shot transtitions:
A lot of our transitions have included, fade ins, fade outs and cross dissolve. We chose these particular ones as we felt they went well with the song.

Analysing Last Years Commentary

Below is a link to the commentary that I watched;

In this commentary, two people from the group were sat down, talking directly to the camera. They had the questions come up on the screen before they showed their reponses. They discussed everything in detail about their music video, what their original plan was and why they had to change their idea. They also suggested to the audience the reason why, parts of the video didn't look as good that their wanted in the first place.  I believe that as it was so detailed it helped me to understand what decesions were made and why some parts looked maybe a little different to how they wanted.
In addition to this I liked that they also gave visuals from their music video and their final digi-pack and poster cover as it made the commentary more visually interesting compared to if it was just the two of them talking for 7 minutes.


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Final Evaluation- Lauren Coffey

In What ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
After researching music videos, the different genres of music and looking how artists were presented in their music videos by using Goodwin’s points. For example, 50 Cent is presented as a lady’s man, rich, who all the girls love, and throughout all of his videos he is shown to the audience as this character. Therefore, when we chose our song; Beverly Knight’s ‘Fallen Soldier’ we wanted to create a music video that would be ‘true’ to the genre. Therefore, a video with quick editing shots and bright colours would not be appropriate.
As a group we then decided to look into Beverly Knight as an artist and her old music videos, we noticed that, as we predicted her videos were simple but effective and her costumes were in-keeping with her videos too. 
Keeping this is mind, when planning our video, we initially came up with the idea that, Mercedes would be our main performer and therefore, the main focus of our video. So in our final product apart from a couple of scenes Mercedes was the only person in our video. 
In addition to this we wanted to keep the locations for our video simple. So intially we chose a simple black wall (which was in the media studio), outside a quiet street and a stair scene which was indoors. 
When it came to costumes again we wanted it to be conventional to the genre that we were in, so we didn't have many costume changes, so in the end Mercedes wore a black top and dark blue jeans for the scene against the wall, a red military outfit for the quiet street scene and a grey top and leggings for the stair scene.

However, using the media studio turned out to be more difficult than we expected as the media studio was out of bounds from something that was beyond our control. We were told that the studio would be fixed however, it wasn’t. As a result, when it came to the last day of filming it we were stuck when luckily, we were told we could use the drama studio which had a dark blue curtain and professional lighting. In the end I believed that this worked as effective as the black wall did if not better. 
How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary text?
I believe that both our final music video, our digi-pack and our poster are all similar and reflect Beverly Knight as an artist. However, before starting this task we researched other digi-packs and posters that were similar to our genre. For this reason, an artist that immediately came into our heads was Leona Lewis, so we looked at her Labyrinth tour to give us some ideas for our ancillary texts. Her theme was purple on her first edition, I thought this was clever as it was simple but still stand out on the shelf. Again, true to the genre she was the main focus on the cover. 
After researching the genre further, we wanted to keep with the genre simple and effective too. Therefore, instead of using bright, bold colours we opted for close up and mid shot photos which we took ourselves, which we would then change into black and white using photoshop. We used the same images for both the poster and digi-pack and in the end the only colours we used was for the record label and the certification of the digi-pack and poster. 
The font that we used was also conventional to the genre, we chose a handwriting style font to make it more personal to the audience, as if Beverly Knight had signed every copy of the digi-pack and poster. 
All a whole, I believe that all of our products complement each other, not one of them looks completely different from the other. They are all quite simple in their appearance, however, if we had a products that used bold, bright colours, it would be out of place with the genre, however, by keeping it simple, I feel that it would look out of place in a somewhere such as HMV or in a magazine. 
What have you learnt from audience feedback?
For me, the hardest task was asking other people what they thought of out music video and our ancillary task, especially when it came to the rough cut of our music video. This was because as we hadn’t had much filming time so there wasn’t much to look at. However, the parts that we did film and edit, some groups commented that the lip syncing wasn’t in time with the music and the animation that we originally pitched to the audience looked pointless as their wasn’t much content to the music video. 
Alternatively, even though there were some criticisms, our media group did praise that our locations and the costumes did fit well into the genre of the song. Therefore, to make our music video something to be proud of we focused on the elements of the music video that weren’t brilliant. We noticed that the lip syncing in the beginning of the song wasn’t out of time it was just that Mercedes didn’t know that words to the song that well. So we re-filmed the scenes of her against the black wall, but this time making sure she knew all the words. We also noticed that in the rough-cut we used the same angle for the same shot which made it look boring, so this time when re filming we made sure we got a lot of different angles just for the same location which made the final music video look more professional. As a result, when we asked people’s opinions on our final music video people said that it was good and fitted well with the genre. 
After creating our ancillary texts we asked the girls in our class to give us their opinions on them as their would fit it with our target audience. However, it was a relief when for our ancillary tasks we had good feedback, people said that both our digi-pack looked good as the fonts and colour scheme were simple as it gave ‘the impression that the artist was classy and elegant,’ which was what we were aiming for. 
How did you use media technologies in construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
For our preliminary research, we used the internet to look at artist’s such as Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis and the artist of our song, Beverly Knight. In addition to this, we used the internet and the blog ( to plan and develop our ideas. It was very simple to use, as whenever we would plan our filming and what we were going to do, it would go onto the blog so we could be extra organised and not waste anymore time then we needed to. 
For the filming we got to use a High Definition camera which was easy to use, and had very good quality, compared to the old cameras that we used last year. As well as the camera we got a tripod to keep our shots steady in shots, as without it, it would have gone all jerky which would have made it look more amateur than professional. Even though using these two apparatus looked good, when it came to editing, some of the shots looked static so when we re filmed we used the dolly to add moment to even still shots, which made it look more professional. 
When it came to editing, we used Final Cut Express. This was relatively easy to use as we used it last year, however, it was tricky as times as some of  our clips when out of sync, however, after getting used to it we learnt how to link clips up which the music track so they didn’t move out of place. In editing we noticed that professional music video’s of our genre had about 120 different editing shots, and last year’s music videos only used about 50, so to make it more visually interesting we counted how many editing shots we had. So in the end we created many layers on Final Cut to switch between the shots which made it look more professional. 
We used Mercedes professional camera to take pictures of her to put on our poster and digi-pack. We used photoshop to create these texts. Photoshop was difficult at first, however, by the end of the task we became more confident with it. We used photoshop to change the colours of our pictures from colour to black and white as we thought it would fit in with our genre well. 
         When it came to the evaluation of the whole media process, we were told that we were going to create a commentary just like they do for films. It was a bit daunting doing this because I feel like I am not the best public speaker, However, whether I liked it or not it had to be done. So I used the blog to plan what we were going to do as the rest of my group was ill. This planning paid off so, when it came to the filming of it I knew  what to say and do. We also used Final cut to edit again, which as we were now very familiar with, we seemed to edit it pretty quickly. 

        Overall, I have enjoyed this task and believe that all of our products complement each other and wouldn't look out of place on a music channel such as 4music or Viva.  

Final Evaluation- Mercedes Rollason

In What ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I believe that our group followed the media conventions of real media products. Our Music Video followed the R&B genre characteristics quite well.

Our Ancillary text's I think also follow the conventions of real media, for instance, they're layout, we followed placement for our Age Certificate Symbol, where we put the bar code and information. Also, by including those few things and a rating and quote we also used the conventions. On the poster, we included websites, 

I believe Lauren and I planned our Music Video's plot well against Goodwin's points, for example. When it came to the Visuals and Lyrics, we chose clothing to help. Also the slight visual reference to a boy helped back up the lyrics like "you are my fallen boy".The Visuals/Music relate by cutting to another shot on the beat and we chose to use several fades to create a slow transition to reflect that of the song.Intertextuality was one of the points we had to really focus on because in our pitch we were asked how we were going to bring this in. We decided to use this through the costume and the jewellery, most of the clothing was Primark clothing. However, our idea was to keep it very plain and simple, so the viewer just focussed on the artist not really what she was wearing.
We sold the Artist very well, everything was focused on her.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary text?

Personally, I think the combination of our main product and ancillary text is effective. The Video focus' on the artist and so does the Ancillary text, with large pictures and font that draw you to the person. We also followed a very monotone style though out the Video and the Ancillary texts, with just hints of colour. 

What have you learnt from audience feedback? #

When it came to our feedback, we didn't have much footage on our rough cut to evaluate about, because there were three parts to film and one part was filmed to be part of the other, but due to complications, we didn't have that vital part, so nothing made sense. Especially since the footage we did have was animation, so our feedback told us, it was a bit random and didn't fit in with the rest we'd done. This then helped us decide it was a bad idea any way, for looking back, we didn't really like it. Also, there wasn't enough time to try and find a way to which we did.

Also, the lip syncing was quite out, so we knew we had to re-film this, which was something we agreed ourselves before hand.

On the other hand, we did get positive feed back for the black wall and outfit. The viewers agreed that these were both following conventions of R&B Music.

How did you use media technologies in construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? #

When it came to research we mainly used the internet and the television to find out about the type of genre we needed to look at. The internet was useful because we could find images of the DVD covers, where as a shop might be more difficult because they might not have what we wanted. It was also good to watch video's on As this website is easily accessible and holds a numerous amount of music video's and footage we could rely on it., was really handy as well for we could access the images on this and copy and paste them to our Blog.

We used to store all our planning and research. It's great because it allows the user to draft everything and then post it later. On here we could write down all our ideas and time lines to when we were going to do everything.

Many forms of Media Technology in our construction of the Music video. For example, when filming we used a HD Video Camera, we found this lovely to use and the quality of sound and image was impeccable. When Lauren and I filmed the road scene, we forgot to rent out the dolly, so we then had to use her bike basket and have her  push the bike along, when it came to our stair scene, we made sure we wanted no difficulty's so the tripod and the dolly came with us, which helped us get a much smoother clean image. Originally, when filming the black wall, we used the media studio and a small model light. However there was several complications, we ended up using the drama studio and professional lighting to film it. To play the music, we used Lauren's I-pod.

We uploaded our footage on the Apple Mac software which has Final Cut Software on, this is what we used to edit and create our Video. This was easier to use this year as we had knowledge of it. This also works with layer's and this helped us count how many cut's and shots we used, which was great because Lauren and I knew we needed alot to really create the sense of a real Music Video you'd see on the television.

We also used a D-SLR for the photo's to upload onto our small I-stop motion clips and those to put on our Poster and Digi-Pack. To create our poster, we used Photoshop and found a font from off the internet.

Commentary Editing.

Today was the second day of editing. We both managed to finish cutting the commentry we filmed and placed a few of our clips and poster pictures where they needed to be.

Next lesson we plan to do a few touch up's and add the clips we haven't put in yet.

The two of us hope to get it finished and uploaded to the blog.

Commentary Editing.

Thursday's Lesson.

Today we both started to edit our Commentary. We deleted all the unnessacary parts, which brought it to 9 minutes long. Holly wanted around a 5 minute long Commentary, so we then cut out the pauses, which brought it too around that time.

We then looked at our music video and picked out the clips we were going to use and where we were going to use them.

we needed:
one shot of all three costumes.
one shot of all three locations. (different to first clip)
picture's of leona lewis.
i stop motion
beginning of the song to introduce commentry
end of song to finish it.
Digipack Cover.
Leona Lewis Cover.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Planning for our Commentary

In today's lesson, I was all on my own again as the rest of my group is ill. However, all this planning needs to be done before next lesson as we will be filming in it, so hopefully, both girls will be back by then.

-What format structure will you use?
To make our commentary look more professional I think we might show some of our music video and then do some talking about that particular scene of the music video. However, when we are talking about our ancilliary tasks as these obviously dont have any sound it might be a bit boring so for this particular part we will use a voiceover.

-Create a Time line of your ideas.
- 3 images of the of -digipack, poster, then from the video ending with the 'Beverly Knight' Fallen Soldier

- Go to all three of us talking about the first question, 'In what ways does your media product use/develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?"

- Close ups of parts of the digipack and poster, finishing with the final products

- Then back to us three talking about the second question, 'How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?' -some voice overs when talking about the products

-Clip from the music video

-Back to us three answering third question, 'What have you learned from audience feedback?' During this question some clips from the rough cut; when talking about what went wrong and what was good etc

- Clip of the Music video

- Back to us three answering, 'How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?' During this question to make it more interesting we will have maybe clips of the technologies we used with voice overs

-End with the end of the music video, which is Mercedes walking up the stairs into fade out

-When will you cut away 
- which bits of the video will you use?
At the beginning of the commentary we will have clips from the music video and during some questions. (For example 1, 3 and 4) We will also cut away to the end clip to round off the commentary.
- when will you cut to the ancillary texts?
Like the the music video, we will have some clips during the beginning and throughout some questions, where appropiate to make in more interesting (questions 1, 2 and 4) 

-Plan who will say what?
Depending on whether Mercedes and Rosie are better we will try and share out each question equally so it's not like only one person is doing the talking. I also think it will look unprofessional if we don't know what we are saying and if other people just sit around doing nothing. 

-Where will you film?
 As we only have an hour and a half to film it would be pretty stupid to try and film off college grounds so any where that is quiet would be brilliant. If we could film in the media classroom we could have the music video in the background which make make the commentary more interesting.

- Type up your individual answers
- Final typed up version to be done by Tuesday 14th December 

What Has to be in our Directors Commentary

 Below is everything that is essential when we make our director's commentary;

-Each person must talk in the commentary

-Each person must make points for each question

-All products must be shown (cut away to video/images/ancilliary tasks)

-You must feature in the video

-5 minute in length

- You need to organise a suitable location

- If someone is absent you have to film anyway

-All filming will be on tuesday

Music Video Evaluation Questions

To final part of our project is to do an evaluation about making, developing, planning researching all our ancillary tasks and our music video. We are going to create a commentary to show our evaluations. Below is the questions we have to answer

In What ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and convenions of real media products?

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary text?

What have you learnt from audience feedback?

How did you use media technologies in construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Tuesday, 30 November 2010


This is our final music video. It took us forever and at times we thought we'd never get it finished. Hope you like it.

Making a Digi-pack

In today's lesson we had to start making our digi-pack for our music video. We did this using photoshop. For me it was still difficult to get to grips with using photoshop, as I hadn't used it that many times. Below is some photos of the process of creating a digi-pack;

Picture 38

Picture 39

Picture 40

Picture 41

Friday, 26 November 2010

Photographs for Poster.

Self Portrait.


These are links to the font's we both decided to use. We like it becuase it looks like handwriting and it's neat and attractive.

Final Digi-Pack Cover.

final beverly knight dvd cover ;)

This is our Final Digi-Pack Cover. 
We used the same fonts and colour scheme on this like what we used on the Magazine Advert.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Magazine Advert.

This is our Magazine and Poster.

Music Magazine Advert Template FINAL

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Rosie's Dvd Idea Sketch

I'm completely useless at drawing so rather than proving this, I did my idea on photoshop. I have it at home and often use my drawing tablet to create stuff. Anyway, this is just a rough idea and isn't finished because it was just meant to be a sketch.

I have used the font I mentioned in a previous post, and I love the effect it creates. I decided to go with the mirror idea because it really puts the artist as the main focus. It is also a subject very relatable to our female teenage audience. I used the picture of the gold mirror because it adds to our fairytale idea and is in keeping with the reflected images of the artist. I also kept it simple but pretty, using very basic colours and images because I didn't want to over complicate the image. Creating the song titles was strange, as they had to seem cohesive in some way. I don't think I did too badly... I did use the original artist's name though. Had this have been the final project rather than an idea, I would have added text down what would be the spine of the dvd and text saying "includes exclusive interviews and backstage footage, as well as a sneak previwew of the new video for 'Fallen Soldier'" I would also have added an age certificate and publishing logos etc. to add realism.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Ideas for Digipak/Magazine Advert

I personally think the dvd boxset for Muse's 'The Resistance' looks very effective, however it is not at all appropriate to our genre. Jennifer Lopez's 'The Real Me' however, is more appropriate to our video. My idea for our digipak cover would be a picture of Mercedes standing in the spotlight in a costume similar to the one in the video. Inside would be a close-up of Mercedes and a booklet containing the lyrics and some of the photos used in the video. It would have to be quite a serious-looking because the subject of the song is serious and wouldn't look right if it was bright colours so I think we should use the colours from our video (black/white/red).
I would use a font like this: Justice Font because it is soft and beautiful without being too girly and adds to our slightly fairytale theme. It looks mature but interesting and would work well with the images used. It also has a slightly nostalgic, dream-like quality that is fitting with the theme of our video.

Analysing a Digi-pack and Magazine Advert.

Leona Lewis.

We wanted tot try and find someone British within the same genre (R&B)

This is Leona's Album cover and CD. We've noticed, the colours are quite monotone (Blacks, Whites and Grey), the font is very plain, kept throughout, legible and noticeable.

Leona herself, is also quite natural with natural make up, and the portrait is right up close to her face, so we see nothing else but her, this portrays her music and sells her as the artist. In addition to this, the simple image, and appearance of the album, reflects her music, soft, sweet and not focusing on looks just the music and her voice.

Picture 2

This is the cover to the DVD of her first tour. We notice she has kept the same font for her name and location. However she has used some fancy handwriting style for her tour name. (Unlike her album name). Another difference is the image herself, it's a mid shot, so we see the whole thing, spot lights that focus on her, no audience so these both make Leona the main subject. However, in this shot, we see and more fleshy and raunchy, outfit (though we didn't see any clothing on the CD cover, it still was tame with the make-up, nothing too out there.)

Picture 3

In this version, we've noticed once again the same font, a colour scheme of blue, black, white and grey. It is the same image on the front of the cover, however, there is a image from her tour merged into the background. On the other hand, Leona has a white highlight around her to show that she is still the main focus and the performer.  Again, Leona is on the back of the DVD on a swing, we can guess from this that this is part of her performance. Compared with the first edition of the DVD the font on the back of the DVD is written in a 'handwriting' style, as if she has personalised the album herself.
In addition to this, both her DVD and CD have all the record labels and other companies that were included in the making of her DVD and CD.  Therefore, in out DVD we feel that we should include something like that so it looks more professional, rather than ameteur.

Questionnaire About Digi Pack/Magazine Advert

This questionnaire is going to be used to assess our products and what our target audience expect to see on our digi pack/magazine advert for our genre. Examples of this would be Alicia Keys and Rihanna.

1. Is the artist the main focus of the images shown? If not, is the artwork or picture suitable?
 Yes definitely.
 She is the main focus, and the images are placed in a good focal point.
2. What colours are used? Are they soft colours, or bold ones? Does the font match this?
Blacks and pinks. The font matches this because it's feminine.
The combination of black and white means that the cover is not too out there, it gives the impression of the artist being classy and elegant.
3. Do you think the colour scheme is appropriate for the genre/audience?
Yes, as above
We agree with the above comments
4. How does it represent the artist? Are they sexualised or girly?
Kind of both, it's appropriate for both genders in this way
 It represents the artist as feminine but at the same time is also an interest for the male audience as it is not too girly
5. What gender audience do you think they are aimed at?
Probably mostly female
Mostly female but the cover does not discriminate.
6. What age audience do you think they are aimed at?
The same age as the singer
The cover looks too sophisticated for a young audience therefore it is suitable for a more mature audience 
7. Is there anything you would change to make them more suitable?
No :)
It depends on the target audience for the artist, for example, if the target audience isn't for the mature, colours could have been changed to fit that, as it is everything seems to fit the target audience.
8. Are they interesting products? Do they grab your attention?
Yes, especially the photos
Yes, this is because even though there is nothing too out-there, it still captures people's attention
9.  Do the products look cohesive? If not, why?
10. Are there any added extras to appeal to the audience? (For example, bonus features, exclusive interviews etc.)
Yes, lots of special features which look good
As above
11. Do the finished products look polished? Could you see them in a real music shop/magazine?
Yes, definitely
12. What do you think of the title? Does it fit in well with the product?
Yeah it's good 
Yes, as its only her on the digi-pack/magazine cover

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Editing is Finished

In today's lesson me and Mercedes finally finished editing which is brilliant :)

After watching the finished product several times to see if there were any imperfections, and we believe that there is none, and hopefully you will feel the same. We managed to convert the music video, however, we are yet to put it on the blog as we had trouble trying to do it earlier.

Now that we have finished editing we can now move on to working on our DVD and CD cover, which we hope will represent our music video and the performer in the way we want to.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Editing Again :)

In today's lesson I was all on my own :( I began editing the video when some parts of it becam unrendered, however, when trying to render certain parts it would not work, so I had to render the whole thing which took a long time (not good considering we are behind one editing.)

On the other hand after this was done it was easier to edit parts of the video with out having to keep rendering the video. We only have less than 1 minute to edit :)

In addition to this, Holly and I  looked at the ways to improve the parts that are already edited. For example at the beginning we decided to use more of the scene where Mercedes is in the the red jacket, this is so the music video will be more interesting and not just focused on one scene and then another.

Filming Again :)

Today me and Mercedes came in college to do some extra filming, as it was needed. We re-filmed the book scene and Mercedes against the 'black wall.' But again the media studio had not been fixed, so we had to think of an alternative......

Luckily Holly managed to book us the drama studio. It was a little different to what we originally planned, but hey, 'beggars can't be choosers.' Instead of a black wall it was a dark blue curtain but it seemed to work well to give it a emotive feel to the video. Luckily the drama studio already had many lights, including a spotlight!

We also had to re film the book scene as there were some angles that looked wrong when we did the editing. Therefore we decided to get a range of shots so that we had a lot to play around with when it came to editing.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Lyrics Analysis

Beverly Knight - Fallen Soldier (Lyrics)

Stranger on the face of it.   
Brother in the heart of a nation that prays for you, loves you, calls you by name

Struck out, like some criminal
Cut down like an animal, suddenly everything I know, just ain't the same

We ask for solution
Did anyone hear us?
For your retribution
Did anyone care?
So while this world marches on with the memory gone
My heart will remember

You are my fallen soldier
One of our many martyrs
I would have loved to know you
Still you're my fallen soldier

[Rpt x 2]

A lot of videos use the lyrics to base their videos on because the video can then relate to Goodwin's point of visuals relating to lyrics. With this song, there are a number of suggestions the lyrics raise. For example, military-esque themes, it gives us the opportunity to use a male character in our video and gives us a good direction for the plot of the video if we choose to do one.

Editing Style - Chris Cunningham

Chris Cunningham is an English music video director and video artist.

He has directed music videos for Aphex Twin, Bjork (which won multiple awards), The Horrors, Placebo, Madonna, The Auteurs and many more.

His videos are so distinctive and interesting, they never fail to keep you entertained and amazed. His videos for Placebo and Madonna are quite similar in their very natural, simple settings but with a very surreal twist. For example, Placebo's video makes it look as though the band are playing underwater and Madonna's, whilst filmed in a desert-like setting, shows multiple versions of her and then being turned into ravens. His videos for Aphex Twin and Bjork are also quite similar in that the videos are both in very modern settings with very surrealistic things happening.

They all have quite similar colour schemes, blue black and white are used in all of these videos. It's unsurprising to hear of the awards he's won for his videos, nominated for a Grammy and a Brit award and has won MTV awards for best special effects and best breakthrough video.

What needs to be in our Rough Cut.

Ideally, our rough cut should be the basis of our video, showing a rough idea of how our video will look. It gives us the opportunity to decide what to change and see how other people react to it so they can give us feedback and tell us how an audience would react. Their feedback will help us improve our video because we will take their comments on board so for example, if anything doesn't make sense to the audience we can modify our video accordingly. It's always good to have other perspectives on your work as it can give you fresh ideas and help make your video more original.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Marking Criteria for Your Music Video.

We were given this list so we could then reflect on our work and see if we have followed them. These 8 things are needed in our video for it to get a good mark.

1. Holding n a steady shot where appropriate:
This is done well, we used the appropriate equipment, such as a tripod and a dolly when necessary.

2. Framing a shot - Including and Excluding elements:
Here i think it's very good, we know who/what is the main focus in each scene.

3. Using a variety of shot distances:
This we kept in mind all the way through, i think we could have a lot more facial close up's though, we've varied our angles because the performer is quite static in most.  However plenty of long shots, mid shots, we've planned several match on action shots. 

4. Shooting material appropriate to the task:
In our music video there is nothing explicit.

5. Selecting Mis-en-scene:
I think we've chosen appropriate locations for our video the black wall
the corridor/stairs and the road.
Costume is very appropriate for the song, each costume is very basic, nothing too extreme and two of them are military related, becasue the costumes are basic, it keeps with the genre and the song it's self a very natural not jazzy or out there, just plain and simple.

6. Editing so meaning is apparent:
We've edited so the song cuts on the beat of the song, and that transitions also occur on the beat. 
we've also tried to get in as many shot's as we can. Our aim is at least 35 a minute.

7.Using varied shot transtitions:
Most of the transition's we have used are fade in and out's. We believe these were nice ones to use, becuase they created a sweet flow to the song, they were not in your face.

8.Using sound with images:

Marking Criteria for our Music Video

Holly gave us the points that our music video will be marked on so we can consider whether or not we meet them and have time to correct things.

1. Holding a shot steady where appropriate - we have done this numerous times though our video with the black room footage and the footage filmed outside.

2. Framing a shot, including and excluding elements - we often show Mercedes in the centre of the screen and show her as the focus of the video, as do many pop videos.

3. Using a variety of shot distances - we have worked hard to keep to our varied shot lists but admittedly a lot of our footage is mid-shots so we will try to change this. We have used some long shots and quite a few close-ups. Last time we filmed I did on over the shoulder shot of the book.

4. Shooting material appropriate to the task - our material is apprpriate for both the task and for television viewing. It suits the genre, the teenage audience we aimed it at and does not meet the criteria for an age rating.

5. Selecting mise-en-scene - we chose Mercedes' costume carefully so that it fits with the theme of the song, for example a military-espue jacket to coincide with the subject of the song 'Fallen Soldier'. We also chose locations that would show Mercedes as the focus of the video and make sure there were no other distractions or busy streets behind her.

6. Editing so that the videos meaning is apparent - the part of our video that needs consecutive editing has already been completed however there are cuts and changes throughout the video if other scenes because it is a pop video and as a genre characteristic, often contain lots of cuts between varied scenes and costumes.

7. Using varied shot transitions - we have used dissolves, fades and other transitions to make the video interesting, however I feel we need a few more and will put them in when editing. We'll have to be careful not to put too many in or it starts looking like a powerpoint slideshow!

8. Using sound with images - we have tried to do this as much as possible with sound and images and lyrics and images. For example when the song says "this world marches on" our wideo shows both Mercedes walking and a close-up of her feet.

Next lesson we will address these issues and hopefully bring our mark up!

Wednesday 10th.

Today we managed to get a camera during a free because we were desperate.

In the morning we're re-filming the book part. Our idea to add on the photo afterward was not a good idea. So we must print off the picture and then stick it in the book.

Then we'll re-film the dark room part another way... during tutlorial. 

Fuming u141

We are all very angry this week!

We've discovered, some groups are getting time during their free's, whilst we are not allowed to do this. Which is completely unfair.

We have also waited three week's now for the Studio to be finished. We have two more lesson's after today! If we were allowed time to film during our Free's the filming we need to do would have been done weeks ago.

We have to bring everything in unnecessarily just because we've expected the Studio to be complete, however it's not. So now we're left with little footage and time to edit and have no time at all to film.

We did have a back up idea for one part of the filming, which we happily agreed to do. However, we shouldn't now, have to come up with another idea when we obviously  have a way to make it to the best of our ability.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Friday's lesson.

Today :), because we had to create a back up plan, we chose to record at college. At first, i was going to be made to go outside with an umbrella and sit on a bench! IN THE POURING RAIN. I chose against this idea, for, obvious reasons.

I was already soaking wet, so I didn't look very brilliant, but it was important to film today. :/

We chose to film our video on the stairs near the photography corridor. We used the dolly to create a pan, which we thought would be a lovely introduction. :) and, we were right :)


NEXT STEP- re-film black wall. 

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Extra Filming

Luckily we've been able to book a camera for tomorrow (Friday's) lesson. We are planning on filming the book and some back up footage of Mercedes walking down the stairs. This means we'll have extra footage to play around with as time is going to be very tight for us. It also means there will be another outfit change and location which is very common in a pop video.

Todays Lesson and Lesson Plan for Next week.

In today's lesson, we continued to edit our outside footage and add the istop-motion photographs.
We've now put that all into place ready for the important part of the whole video, which will wrap it up and make the entire thing make sense.

Tuesday's Lesson:
FINGER'S CROSSED! The studio will be done, up and running, we'll be shooting the book scene. As we're running short of time, we've planned the different shots we have to do and hope to get perfect first time.

- Mercedes walking into the room up to the table (front)
- Mercedes walking into the room up to the table (behind)
- Mercedes sitting down
- Mercedes opening the book but only of her hands.
- Mercedes opening the book, whole top half.
- Mercedes face as she open's the book.

- Shot from above the book.
- Zoom in to several places of the book. (x2)
- Page turning over.

Then upload to the computer.

Thursday's Lesson:

Re-filming of the black wall - two of us will be doing this, whilst one person does a bit of editing. The above editing should all be done.

Capture footage to the computer.

Friday's Lesson:

Here we edit the black wall footage and go through the rest of the video, which will hopefully, be complete! ready to hand in!!!

We've given ourselves a very, very tight schedule but we are determined to get it all done.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Teacher Feedback

The footage you have so far from the black room looks good girls. I think it is visually interesting to have the same action but form a variety of angles. Hopefully the studio will be available next week but it is sensible to have a back up plan in place.
I agree that some of the lip synching is out so as you suggest it may be a good idea to film that section again.
Your footage outside stands out well, remember not to keep your shots to long. Also try and experiment with camera movement so that the footage doesn't look static.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Rough Cut

Here is our rough cut for our music video

This is our final Rough Cut Video so far, obviously we know there are several blank spaces due to the black room in the media room, but this is all we could do so far. :(

Assessing Our Feedback

We have looked at all of our feedback to our music video and we believe that some of the criticism is neccessary.

- For example, There are bits missing in the video, however, this was not through our own fault, but the fact that we haven't had a chance to film as the media studio is out of bounds (roof has collapsed)

- Also, the animation may have seemed uneccessary as again we haven't been able to film. Therefore with the additional filming it will fit in with the song.

- Lip Syncing- at the beginning we must admit the lip synicing is a little out, so we will refilm this beginning.

As previously mentioned, we were unable to complete our filming due to a situation out of our control. College are going to fix it by next week, however, this will  lead to very little editing time, but i guess we will just have to make do. We therefore, would like to film on tuesday the 9th of Nov. so we can have the media studio.  However, if the media studio is not fixed by then we need to think of an alternative, for example, filming at my house.


lip syncing pretty good
good use of different angles and lighting
likes the lighting of the person and the dark background
could possibly change the white effects for something different for example black and white 

lip syncing at the start could be better
could use more camera angles for example, low angle and a nice little panning shot etc
overall pretty decent job.

Goodwin's points - good use of voyeurism,


Good Points
  • We like the way it focuses on Mercedes at the beginning. It really fits the slowness of the song.
  • The different angles look professional and keep it interesting
  • The section where lots of cuts are used is really effective. Maybe do this more?
  • Lip syncing is very good :)
Things to Improve
  • The section where it looks like Mercedes is drawn is good but the transition is slightly rough and could be smoother.
  • Obviously there's footage missing at the end
Goodwins Points
  • Sells the artist
  • Music to visuals is good, fits very well.
We really liked it :) !!


overall we believe that this video, when completed, will be a good music video. Some key points we found are that the lip syncing could be improved and timed more effectivly. Also we didnt understand the effects used in the middle section of the video and thought they were unessesary. on the other hand we thought that the editing was effective and the shot types and angles were very effective. the idea of the single singer fits in well with the song. Overall this video is not fully completed but has potential to be a good music video, the ideas are great and what has been done so far is a good choice. good work.

Music Video Feedback

What we liked about the music video was that their was fairly good cuts in it and when there is a shot of the girl walking down the street their is good effects used to make the music video look good.

It meets the goodwins points by having good visuals to lyrics and good visuals to beat. it also sells the artist fairly well by having close up shots of her singing and these close up shots show to us who the artist clearly is.

We think it could be improved by having more footage to fill up the length of the song and to have a range of different shots when she is standing up singing.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Michel Gondry - Music Video Director

Michel Gondry is a French music video director. He is also well-known for his commercials and Academy award winning screenwriting. He has directed videos for Paul McCartney, The Chemical Brothers, The Rolling Stones, The White Stripes, Bjork, Radiohead and many many more.

I am going to be comparing and contrasting his videos, to see if there is a recurring theme or particular style and also to learn from someone so affluent in music video industry.

Daft Punk - Around the World
This video contains many different characters in crazy costumes. There are aliens, skeletons, girls in swimming costumes and hats and is overall a very colourful and interesting video. It's a very simplictic video that follows the repetitve and busy style of the song whilst also keeping the visuals/music and visuals/lyrics in keeping and is overall very effective.

Foo Fighters - Everlong
This video, like the previous one, contains many costumes. There are punks, skeletons and the second half is very colourful like the previous video. This one however has a narrative and is more surreal, for example the giant phone. There is also a reference to the film "The Evil Dead" in this video where they re-enact a scene. There is visual/music cohesion as there is movement and scene change to the beat, but the visuals have relevance to the lyrics.

Foo Fighters - Everlong (Official Music Video). Watch more top selected videos about: Foo Fighters

The White Stripes - Fell In Love With A Girl
This video is also very colourful and surrealistic as it is all made of lego. It fits with the music in the sense that it fits the beat and scene changes, the visuals/lyrics however have very little relevance.

Bjork - Joga
The setting in this video is very natural, showing scenes from nature (such as rivers, the sea, cliff faces) with very little focus on the artist. It uses unusual camera angles and the pace of the editing speeds up. There is an element of surrealism when the rock faces start to come apart and show the earth's crust. The lyrics and visuals are completely unrelated, however the natural setting fits the pace of the song.

Kylie Minogue - Come Into My World
This video is mostly very realistic as it shows and everyday street with normal people walking along and going about their business. However, as the video progresses it gets more and more surreal as the camera pans round the scene, showing another Kylie everytime it gets back to the start. It continuously replays old events, whilst the new version of kylie does something different. A very simple video, made very interesting by the repetition. It doesn't fit the lyrics, but does fit the music well.

The White Stripes - The Hardest Button To Button
This video is very similar to the Kylie video as it uses repetition to make it interesting. However, instead of repeating the whole scene, this video repeats the artists and their instruments multiple times. Choppy, fast editing keeps it in pace with the song. It uses mostly the same colours (primary colours) as the other video of theirs directed by Gondry.

To conclude, Gondry's videos often use time and repetition to give a surreal edge to what would be a very boring video without it. He also uses lots of colour and different costumes and creates very surreal videos. Studying his videos has taught me that a video doesn't need a narrative or to coincide with lyrics to be very effective.

Goodwin's Theory of Analysis

Do the visuals contradict the lyrics? Illustrating them? Amplifying them?

Do the visuals fit the pace of the music? Do the images change on the beat?

Is there a reference to other music videos? Artists? Films? Brands?

Genre Characteristics
Does the music video follow genre characteristics? If it's a metal song, is there a stage performance? (etc)

Selling the Artist
Close-ups of the artist? A particular visual style or logo associated with them?

Voyeuristic treatment of the male/female body?

A video I have analysed to show these points is 50 Cent - In Da Club because it obviously shows these points.

Visuals/Lyrics: The title of the song 'In Da Club' and it's filmed in what appears to be a club. The lyrics also describe the activities that he will be doing in the club and the music video shows them.

Visuals/Music: The dancing is in time with the music as well as changes of location fit with the change of pace in the song.

Intertextuality: The logos on 50 Cent's clothing (Nike, NY, etc.), other artists in the video (Eminem, Dr.Dre, Xzibit) and Bacardi.

Genre characteristics: It is very typical of a male R'n'B artist's music video as it is showing him to be the centre of attention, dancing, topless and surrounded by women whilst lip syncing to the song.

Selling the Artist: The video shows the artist's desirable life, there are lots of close-ups and shows him working out in the beginning.

Voyeurism: Showing the artist's body, surrounded by girls dancing in revealing clothes.

Goodwin's Points - used in context

In class we were all given a genre of music and asked to find a video that was typical of that genre and focus on two of Goodwin's points (selling the artist and genre characteristics) and show how they are used in the music video.

I had to find a classical music video that was typical of the genre so I made a list of these qualities.
  • Elegant dress for a female artist, black tie for a male artist.
  • Peaceful/calm scenery.
  • An orchestra in the background or focused on at some point.
  • Close-ups of the artist.
  • The artist on a stage.
  • A spotlight to highlight the artist.
  • Usually black/white/red colours used.
  • Mature people, to attract an older audience.
Based on my list, I found many videos that fitted these characteristics. I chose to use Charlotte Church - Ave Maria because it fitted many of the characteristics, as many of the more modern classical music videos try to appeal to a younger audience as well and aren't very conventional.

This video is conventional because it shows Charlotte in front of the orchestra in an elegant dress on a stage with the spotlight focusing on her. It is set in a church-like scene and the artist is surrounded by candles. It is unconventional because the artist herself is of quite a young age and the colour scheme is unusual for a classical video (pink and blue).

Auteur Theory and 'Hooks'

The Auteur Theory was created by Andre Bazin - a film theorist. It was a cinematic movement that put the director in control and meant they could exercise their own vision.

Auteur - successful/well-known director that has their own distinctive style. An example of an auteur would be Tim Burton, whose films and work is very distinctive and is easily recognisable.

Some examples of his work:

The Corpse Bride
Nightmare Before Christmas

Alice In Wonderland

A hook is a repeated image that draws the audience in, for example the same image repeated on the same beat. It makes the image stick withing the audience's mind and means they remember the video and helps to sell the artist and their image.

Music Video Pitch Feedback

After our pitch, the class asked us questions about our plans for the music video. This is the feedback we recieved.

1. What are you doing with the animation?
We are planning on using stylised drawings that will fade into actual footage.

2. How are you using the spotlight?
To highlight the artist (Mercedes) and make it look more professional.

3. Who's drawing?
We will all be using Final cut/Photoshop to create the animated effect. Team effort!

4. Will we be using any intertextuality?
No, we want to keep the footage simple and feel it would distract from the narrative.

5. Will you be lip syncing?
Yes, we are following this convention for our genre of music video.

6. Hot many different locations are you using?
2 - the black room to use with the spotlight and outside.

7. Will the storyline coincide with the lyrics?
Yes, certain themes of our chosen song will be used in the footage, for example it's about a soldier so Mercedes is planning on wearing a military style jacket.

8. How many different people will you be using?
Other than the photos used for our storyline, only Mercedes will be acting in our live footage.

9. Why are you using the book?
Because it is a unique idea that gives our film a fairytale feel that will show memories.

10. Are you using any filters/effects?
Only the black room/spotlight and the animation.

Star Analysis - Britney Spears

I have chosen to do a star analysis on Britney Spears because she is an artist whose image and the way she has been represented has changed dramatically throughout her career.

When she first started her serious musical career, she was portrayed as an innocent young girl. This is shown in her first single "...Baby One More Time" (in 1999 when Spears was 18) where she is portrayed as a school girl. The video is set in a school and contains simple dance routines. It is aimed at teenage girls of about the same age/younger than Britney herself.

The next video I'm analysing is Britney's song "Overprotected". This video is darker than her previous videos but is still 'poppy' and aimed at her teenage audience. The song itself is about growing up and the video continues this theme.

Her video for "Slave 4 U" shows her maturing and starts to portray Britney as a sex symbol and an independant woman. The video focuses on her body and the dance routines. The scene is darker, she wears more revealing clothes and make-up and there are mostly male dancers in the video. It also starts to market her to a male audience.

The theme of "Slave 4 U" is continued in her other videos for "Toxic" and other songs. However, she also changes her image again for the video for "Everytime". I've chosen this because it isn't like her other videos as it follows a narrative, contains no dancing and tries to show her as innocent again, but is still aimed at her older audience.

The last video I'm going to be using to conclude Britney's changing image is her video for "Womanizer". this video contains a lot of nudity, the theme of the song and the video are both much more mature than her previous works. It shows Britney doing dance routines, in multiple costume changes and the song is about an experience of hers that many women will be able to relate to and continuing her 'sexy' image to appeal to a male audience.

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